Waranwarin Early Learning Centre

105 Townson Avenue, Minto 2566

At Waranwarin Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on providing quality Early Childhood Educational and Care Services. Our priority is to serve our local Aboriginal families to ensure our children have an opportunity to learn, grow and explore play in a culturally appropriate centre.

Our Centre is the first purpose built building to cater for the needs of Aboriginal people in the Campbelltown local area. We are open from 7.30am – 6.00pm weekdays.

What We Do

  • Education and Care for children 6 weeks to 6 years
  • Open 48 weeks per year
  • Long Day Care Centre with Before and After School Care and Vacation Care
  • Transport available for children over two years old
  • Early Childhood Educators who are qualified and responsive to your child’s needs
  • Educational resources that are age and stage appropriate to help children reach development milestones.
  • Health Checks and Screening
  • Nutritious meals provided throughout the day
  • Early Years Learning Framework (ETLF) and National Quality Framework
  • School Readiness Program
  • Cultural learning experiences embedded into educational program

Our Vision

It is the vision of Waranwarin Early Learning Centre to create an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, where families and educators come together focusing on guiding each child to realise their full potential with a strong sense of identity.

Our Philosophy

We see every child as an individual, each child is respected for their own interests, needs and personalities. At Waranwarin Early Learning Centre we value our partnerships with families by caring for and educating our children to develop their social, physical, emotional and thinking skills.


Our Mission

Waranwarin Early Learning Centre’s mission is to work collaboratively with children, families and the wider community. Focusing on the child’s sense of wellbeing in a nurturing and culturally enriched environment.

Waranwarin Early Learning Centre

School Readiness Program

Early Literacy and Language

Children explore literacy and language through different experiences including book, stories, music, song, felt boards and puppetry.


Directionality, reading left to right and top to bottom, scanning, predicting a sense of story, storytelling, memory/recall, concentration, gaining messages from pictures and print. Children recognise and write their own names in addition to developing letters, sounds and word recognition.


Children communicate their needs verbally and non-verbally, express their feelings, participate in everyday language and speech, develop turn-taking skills during conversations. Whilst exploring alliteration, rhyme, repetition, poetic devices and the ability to determine fact and fiction.


Children’s imagination, delight with reading, co-operation with others, emotional responses, creative awareness and ability.

Physical Activities

Much of children’s play involves physical activity, through this children develop:


Timing, sequencing and rhythm, static and dynamic balance, ability and flexibility, strength, endurance and energy.


Depth and peripheral vision, muscle and joint movement, spatial awareness and balance.


Follow directions, co-operation, communication skills, creativity and imagination, directionality, safety and awareness, health and fitness.

Numbers and Different Concepts

Children begin number recognition and writing as we start to introduce mathematical concepts.


Children begin to do rational counting, understand concepts of time, understand special awareness, arrange things in their environment, determine shortest to tallest, smallest to largest, begin to understand patterns and sequence order based repetition eg.: red block, blue block, red block. Children begin to develop skills in matching colours, shapes, blocks and puzzles, begin to develop a knowledge of the positions of in, on, under, behind, and next to.


Early use of numbers develops children’s exposure to mathematical concepts and increase their confidence and ability to understand math. We encourage positive experiences which helps enhances children’s curiosity, imagination, flexibility, resourcefulness so children experience success.

Puzzles and Manipulative Equipment

Children learn through “doing” and do this with puzzles and manipulative equipment.


Experimentally with creativity, work quietly alone or co-operatively with others, exercise creative thinking and problem solving of self-generated thinking, develop their spontaneous interest in pattern, symmetry and establishing visual order which strengthen their small muscles.


Fine motor control, hand-eye co-ordination, awareness of shape, colour, size and number, problem solving skills, social relationships.

Arts Crafts and Messy Play

Allow children to explore materials without the pressure of producing a final product.


Children learn through sensory experiences which develop fine motor skills – small and large muscles, aesthetic awareness, ability to make choices from a variety of materials, textures and colours, concentration, self-expression through a varity of mediums/materials.


Understanding of textures, design, co-operation with others, special awareness, creative ability and confidence providing a sense of achievement.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play allows children to “try on” other roles to see what it is like to be somebody or something else as well as being yourself in different situations.


Opportunities for role playing real life situations, problem solving, relationships between self and others, communication, social skills, co-operation, turn taking, self-help and dressing skills


Use of language, awareness of cross cultural customs, organisation of thought and actions, self-image, emotional expression and mathematical concepts

Waranwarin Child & Family Centre

Providing a range of services to help parents, carers and children, services include education through Waranwarin Early Learning Centre and family support through our Family Programs.

Family Support Program

Family programs focusing on offering programs and activities that meet the needs of parents and children promoting positive parenting. Referral advice provided to support families if required.


Child and Family Health Clinic advice and information in all areas of being a parent for children 0-5yrs old. Includes blue book and developmental health checks.