Your Rent


As a tenant you have the following rights:

  • To have your rent and tenancy charges assessed and determined in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation Rent Charge, Water Charge and Tenancy Charges Policy.
  • To have your rent reassessed when there are changes to your household or income.
  • To be advised in writing of any tenancy charges and or cost you may be liable for.
  • To be able to appeal tenancy charges and tenant repair cost.
    To be advised of any changes to policies or procedures that relate to tenancy charges.
  • To be provide with a rent and water ledger every 3 months.

As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • Paying your rent and water charges on time in accordance with our tenancy agreement
  • Advising Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation staff of any changes to your household or household income within 28 days of the change occurring.
  • To provide request document in order for your rental subsidy to be assessed correctly.
  • To apply for Commonwealth Rent Assistance.


Ways to pay your rent:

  • Direct Debit
  • Centrepay Deduction.


All tenants will be charged bond. Bond is charged at the market rent value not the subsidies rent for Affordable Housing Tenants. Bond is 4 weeks market rent.

Social Housing Tenants of Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation are charges bond on all properties managed. Bond is charged at the amount of 4 weeks rent (that is, the amount of rent you agreed to pay at the start of the tenancy.

Tenants of Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation are given 3 months to pay the bond off. Once the bond is paid in full it will be lodged with NSW Rental Bond Board. Failure to pay your bond off in the required timeframe could result in your tenancy being terminated.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to speak with your Housing Officer everyone goes through hard times. We are here to help and support our tenants in sustaining their tenancies.


Clients residing in social housing are eligible to apply for a rent subsidy.

Rent is calculated based on the weekly total household income and 100 percent of Commonwealth Rent Assistance received, however rent charged must not exceed market rent.

The below table outlines how rent is calculated based on household income for social housing tenants only.

Assessment Rate  Tenant/Other Household Member 
25-30%  The tenant, their spouse or live-in partner, irrespective of their age All other persons living in the household who are aged 21 years or over 
15% People living in the household aged 18 to 20 years inclusive who are not the tenants, their spouse or live-in partner 
15% Family Tax Benefit Part A & B which are not taken through the taxation system (excluding FTB Energy Supplements) 
Nil  Persons living in the household aged under 18 years who are not the tenant, their spouse or live in partner are not assessed for rent-setting purposes 
100% Commonwealth Rent Assistance 


Tenants are responsible for paying their rent on time, should you have any difficulties in paying your rent please contact your Housing Officer as soon as possible so they can assist you in resolving the matter.

Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation has a range of support services and links to agencies that may be able to assist you. Please refer to our Hardship Policy and FACTSHEET. 



Reminder Notice

Category 1

1 to 6 days

in arrears

A first reminder letter will be sent, phone call, SMS or email.

Category 2

7 to 14 days

in arrears

A second reminder letter will be sent and a home visit will be conducted. Phone call, SMS or email.

Category 3

15 days or more

in arrears

If no contact is made from the tenant and a payment plan has not been entered into. A Notice of Termination will be issued.

Category 4

30 days or more

in arrears

 An application with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal may be lodged.  A formal order will be requested for the arrears and rent to be paid. 



Complaints and Appeals Form

As a tenant you have the right to:

  • Be provided with information on how to make a complaint, appeal and comment about the services you receive from Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation.
  • To complain about the services you receive without being penalized or disadvantage.
  • To have your complaint, appeal or comment investigated fairly, confidentially and have to the appropriate step and actions taken to resolve your concerns.


Clients are encourage to first speak with their Housing Officer if an issues arise. All complaints received are actioned within 30 working days of receipt unless otherwise advised by your Housing Officer.

To lodge a complaint with Tharawal Aboriginal Housing Corporation you will need to do one of the following;

  • Complete the complaints form (located on our website or local office)
  • In writing or via email
  • Via phone


All appeals need to be lodged in writing by completing the Tharawal Housing Aboriginal Corporation Appeals Form which is located on the website or can be collected from the office. Not all issues can be appealed refer to our Appeals Policy for more information.

When lodging an appeal you are encourage to lodge any supporting evidence you may have. All appeals are addressed within 28 days of receipt. If for some reason your appeal will take longer to process you will be advised by a Housing Officer.

Complaints and Appeals Contact Form

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Contact Numbers


187 Riverside Drive, Airds NSW 256002 4628 4837
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105 Townson Avenue, Minto 256602 9820 7447


187 Riverside Drive, Airds NSW 256002 4628 4837
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