Oorunga Wandarrah MACS Centre

187 Riverside Drive, Airds NSW 2560


About Us

Oorunga Wandarrah Centre is a fundamental program offered through Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation.

We provide affordable long day care services to Aboriginal families in the local Campbelltown area. Children are transported daily to and from their home as needed.

The Board of Directors is the Licensee of the service.

Tharawal and South West Area Health Teams carry out regular health checks on childrenenrolled for Vision and Hearing.

Speech Therapist visits the Centre fortnightly working with children and staff regarding speech and language development.

What We Offer

The Centre is licensed for 39 children per day for children between 0-6 years of age.

The Centre provides an educational program that assists in the overall development of children, based on the Curriculum Framework.

Children entering Kindergarten in the following year participate in a school transition program weekly, attending 2 local Department of Education Preschools, engaging in school readiness.

This is followed up daily within the 3-5 years room by further developing children’s Literacy, Numeracy and Social skills.

Open Door

The Centre has an open door policy and we encourage families to share any skills with our children.

Families are also invited to participate in their children’s learning and development. The Centre is supported by services such as IPSU, DET, TAFE, and KU Inclusion Support Agency providing valuable resources and support plans to meet individual requirements of children with additional needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy looks at developing and maintaining skills children need to be successful in their lives. OT helps children in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills: holding a pencil properly, using scissors, writing their name, using cutlery, dressing (buttons and zippers), colouring and drawing
  • Gross motor skills: assisting children who look clumsy or uncoordinated to be able to participate in whole body activities e.g. hopping, skipping, ball games
  • Sensory processing: assisting children who may be sensitive or crave certain sounds/light/touch from their environment. Assists with trying to calm busy children and allow them to be able to sit and focus on activities like sitting at a table or reading a book.

Please contact Tharawal to speak to an Occupational Therapist if you have any concerns with your child’s fine/gross motor skills or sensory processing.

Click here to download Oorunga Wandarrah MACS Parent Handbook

A day at Oorunga Wandarrah

Throughout the day the children are able to engage in activities. These activities are purposely set up based around interests of the children. These are designed to further the children’s knowledge and experience through play.

Fine motor development is strengthened with children manipulating objects. Construction provides means for children to create as well as strengthen hand eye skills, and co-ordination.

Art and/ or craft activities are planned for the children in all age groups daily. These are planned around current interests, as well as exploring a variety of mediums.

A variety of resources are set out for the children to explore in a home like environment. Children are able to create meaning of their world, develop a sense of self and experiment with knowledge that they have.

Children are provided with a varity of writing implements and tools. These allow children to create some meaning to letters and experiment with them. We are assisting our children in their transition to school by providing these opportunities.

By looking at books, both independently, and with carers, children are developing language and literacy skills. Children create meaning of stories by using pictures. The creation of stories by children uses their imagination and thinking skills.