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Tharawal Medical Services

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When you come to Tharawal you have the right to be treated with respect.

We are a BULK BILL service. All patients must ensure they have a valid Medicare card upon every visit to the GP.

Tharawal AMS Reception area - Making an appointment

Appointments for the Doctors and Specialist clinics are available at Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation Medical Clinic. A Doctor can be contacted during working hours. Your phone call will be screened by the receptionist by asking basic questions, this helps prioritise your call. If the Doctor is with a patient your call will be transferred to the Aboriginal Health Worker or Clinical Nurse

Tharawal GPs

Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation and it’s Medical Service maintains strict confidentiality, this extends to patient information, business and other information. Our confidentiality policy can be accessed by askng reception.

HEALS - Hearing, Ear health, Language & Speech Project

HEALS is a project that unites the medical and allied health services at Tharawal in an effort to improve hearing, ear health, language and speech in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Studies show that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are more likely to suffer from ear disease and its complications. Ear disease can result in poor hearing, poor speech, behavioural problems at school and home, and can lead to permanent hearing loss.


Cardiology involves the assessment, investigation and treatment of cardiovascular disease and other diseases of the heart. To put it simply, it is about the ‘plumbing’ (blood vessels and heart valves) and ‘electricals’ (nerves) of the heart. The cardiology clinic occurs monthly and is run by Dr Aiden O’Loughlin, who is available by referral from your GP.

Renal Medicine

Renal medicine involves the treatment of kidney diseases and high blood pressure. The renal clinic at Tharawal has a focus on those at risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) as well as the management of cardiovascular risk in those with diabetes and diabetic kidney disease (nephropathy). You can be referred to the renal clinic by your GP if necessary.


Endocrinology deals with patients with diabetes and hormonal problems. Common hormonal conditions include thyroid, pituitary and adrenal disorders as well as bone mineral conditions like osteoporosis. The endocrinology clinic is run by Dr Carmen Wong once a month and is available for patients 16 years and over by referral from your GP.


Flu shots, wound dressings, health assessments, nebulisers, blood pressures and friendly smiles are just a few things you can receive from the Tharawal nursing team.

In addition to clinical nursing duties, we also co-ordinate the comings and goings of all our specialists.

If you have a specialist appointment at Tharawal you can be assured that you will certainly receive a reminder call the day prior, so please ensure your contact details are up to date!

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery is concerned with assessing and treating conditions affecting your muscles and bones. Dr Chandra Dave focuses on lower limb problems such as feet, ankles, knees and hips. If you do have recurrent joint pain or problems please speak to your GP about the possibility of a referral to the Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Paediatrics involves the medical assessment and treatment of children, from babies through to teenagers up to 16 years of age.


Clinical immunology deals with patients with allergies, immune deficiencies and autoimmune disease. – Allergies include things such as hayfever, asthma, eczema and food allergies.

– Immune deficiencies are uncommon, but your GP will refer you to an Immunologist if they have concerns about frequent or recurrent infections.

– Autoimmune diseases are also uncommon, but can cause rashes and arthritis amongst other things.
The Immunology Clinic is run by Prof. Brad Frankum once a month and is available for adults and children by referral from your GP.

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