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Program Blog Posts

Koori Community Kitchen

The Koori Community Kitchen project was set up to reduce the factors associated with food insecurity amongst Aboriginal families in Airds, NSW. A partnership between Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation and the Health Promotion Service, South Western Sydney & Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health identified the issue and worked together with the community on this project.
The Koori Community Kitchen runs every Monday during school terms, for four hours and gives the participants the chance to:

  • Share nutrition skills and knowledge;
  • Learn how to make healthy food choices;
  • Prepare food;
  • Learn how to feed a family on a¬†budget.

The kitchen provides a friendly, relaxed environment where people are able to share their knowledge and skills in food preparation, food budgeting, nutrition and healthier choices and connect with the community. It is a place where people can have a yarn about the everyday reality they face in providing healthy food for their families on a limited income.

Mondays 10.30am – 1.30pm
(during school terms)
Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation, 187 Riverside Dr, Airds
For transport bookings or more information, please call Sophia at Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation (02)4628 4837

Tharawal Healthy Food Policy and Recipe Book

The Koori Community Kitchen has highlighted and generated interest in healthy eating, nutrition and cooking. Tharawal now has a healthy food policy which aims to promote good nutrition accross its community, by providing healthy and nutritious foods and drinks to staff, community and guests.

A recipe book has been developed with contributions from the participants who attended the kitchen. Participantswho attended the kitchen . Participants have had a yarn about their stories, where they come from, what they have learnt and what their favourite recipe is.

For more information on the Tharawal Healthy Food Policy and the Recipe Book, please contact Sophia Malie on (02) 4628 4837 or

Community Garden

Tharawal has also provided land, which has enabled the Community Kitchen program to expand to include a Community Garden. The garden has run workshops that teach the community how to compost, grow vegetables in styrofoam box, propagate from cuttings and experience the joy of gardening.

The vegetables and herbs grown fresh from the garden are used in the Koori Community Kitchen. The participants can also take home fresh vegetables to share with their families.

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Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation

Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service strives to provide a wide range of medical services at the highest standard possible to members of the Aboriginal community. We seek, with the provision of effective medical services to prevent and treat the medical conditions that are common among our community. we believe that through the provision of appropriate medical services we can improve the standard of health within the aboriginal community.