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Good Tucker All Round

The Good Tucker All Round Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Program delivers boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living on the Dharawal land in the Campbelltown Local Government Area.

The program will target people with specific chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. As we grow we will expand to the wider community.

The aims of the program are:

  • Increase understanding of the importance of eating nutritious food to help prevent chronic disease
  • Increase uptake of health services and health checks
  • Decrease in high fat, high sugar, high salt food consumption and increase fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Improved management of chronic disease

How much does it cost?

$15 per box including delivery to your door!

Why only get this from your local supermarket when you can get so much more through the Good Tucker All Round?


How does it work?

The $15 from each person is added together and collectively used to purchase good quality bulk produce at the Flemington markets. The produce is then brought back to the Good tucker All Round centre where staff and volunteers pack the fruit and vegetables into individual boxes. The boxes are then loaded back on the truck and delivered to your door!

Buying in bulk at the markets means you will get more produce for your $15 dollars than you would be able to get as one person at the local supermarket.

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Contact Us

Kym or Sophia
Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Medical Service,
187 Riverside Drive, Airds  NSW  2560.
t: 02 4628 4837
f: 02 4625 6278


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Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation

Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service strives to provide a wide range of medical services at the highest standard possible to members of the Aboriginal community. We seek, with the provision of effective medical services to prevent and treat the medical conditions that are common among our community. we believe that through the provision of appropriate medical services we can improve the standard of health within the aboriginal community.