Our Services.

As a patient of Tharawal Dental Clinic, you and your family will be able to access a wide range of dental services. Your initial appointment will generally involve a check-up, clean and x-rays if needed. If more treatment is required, further appointments will be booked.

What we want to achieve :

Our friendly team work hard to provide a quality health service for the community. At Tharawal Dental Clinic, we want to improve the oral health of our community by encouraging regular check-ups and healthy habits for all ages.

What this means for you

We know that for some people, the dentist can be a fearful place. Give us a chance to show you how easy it can be! To register as a patient, take a look at the eligibility section or enquire at dental reception.


To be eligible to use Tharawal Dental Clinic, you must:

  • Be Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.
  • Provide Confirmation of Aboriginality to Tharawal Dental Clinic reception.
    Without Confirmation of Aboriginality on file, no dental treatment can be provided.
  • Be a registered patient of Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service.
    To become a new patient of Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service, please see medical reception staff to complete a registration form, and be seen by an Aboriginal Health Worker/Nurse for a basic health check.

Emergency Patients

True dental emergencies are rare and include conditions such as trauma (injury) or obvious facial swelling. Emergency patients will be given priority, although we recommend that you arrive at 9.00am if possible.
Toothache, while painful, is not considered an emergency.

Relief of Pain

If you are experiencing pain and do not have an appointment, you must present to dental reception at 9.00am. Upon your arrival, you will be triaged by the dentist. After being triaged, one of the following will happen. You will be:

  1. Seen on the day, between booked patients (waiting times may apply), or
  2. Asked to book an appointment at a later date, or
  3. Asked to keep an already booked appointment (if applicable).

Tharawal Dental Clinic’s daily appointments are usually fully booked and appointments take priority over walk-in patients. All walk-in patients are required to wait in the waiting room until seen by the dentist.