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Bringing Them Home

Tharawal’s Bringing Them Home Program offers:

Personal case management service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Descendants, who are survivors of the Stolen Generation.

The Stolen Generation is the name given to Aboriginal People:
Who were removed from their families as children or were decendants.
Sent to institutions.
Some children were removed, sent to institutions or adopted or fostered by Non Aboriginal families between 1910 to 1970.
Children who were removed experiences were varied depending on the situation to which they were in and the amount of attention they received;
Some children appeared to cope with trauma of losing their families, but as adults have to cope with the emptiness, resulting from the silence about their birth families and the denial of their Indigenous Heritage. Many more children never overcome their traumatic loss; their lives have become an anguished story or social and emotional turmoil.
Children placed with unsatisfactory foster parents or in Institutions fared the worst.

Our beautiful women at the 2016 'Stop Stolen Generations!' protest in Canberra.
Photo: Jeff Tan Photography

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Programs Aims:
The BTH Program at Tharawal will provide a brokerage service for clients, ensuring they have access to appropriate professional assistance.

Where possible assisting you to:
Find out about your family.
To come to terms with who you are.

Working with organisations
Link-up (NSW) who may provide research, counselling, reunions (where possible), healing weekends. AIATSIS (Australia Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies) who provide access to family tree research and Aboriginal studies.

Bringing Them Home Program
Funded by: Office Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH).
Goals: Seeks to redress some of the hurt and assist the healing process.
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